Race Driver Managment

Sportsperson and Race Driver Management

Our sportsperson’s and race driver management programme has been running since 1991. When you set up deals in sports your experience, or lack thereof, will show very quickly and can pose some real issues if not done correctly. Anyone who has ever seen a sporting event will understand that the unexpected will happen. Since we have done several of these deals every year since 1991 we have built up quite the library of unexpected events that our clients need to be covered for. Foreseeing the unexpected is where we make our mark, whether it is in setting up your contract, managing your PR or any other aspect of your programme.

Race Driver Management

Race Driver Management and placement

After over 25 years in motorsport, you do get to know one or two people and they get to know us. Our reputation in the world of motorsport is of a business that gets things done. Teams and drivers come to us for help because they know we are fully transparent and trustworthy. We seek out the best deals for our clients and develop the best strategies with their future careers top of mind.

Some race drivers we have management contracts with have been with us for over 15 years. However, most in the endurance racing market are ad hoc clients that come back time and time again for our consultation.

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Sportsperson Management

Our experience in adventure sports (sailing, ballooning, flying, expeditions, etc.) goes back to 1997 when we started working on Steve Fossetts world record setting programme. Since then we have worked with several global names in a variety of diciplines. We offer a full in-house service to manage every aspect of your project from PR, sponsorship, logistics, site and event management, administration, etc.

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Race Driver Management
Race Driver Management

Sportsperson appearances

Do you have exciting and interesting anecdotes to tell or an unusual outlook on life that you have successfully applied to your career as sportsperson? We would like to learn about you! We run several events every year where your your participation would add that little extra to the mix. It could be as an after-dinner speaker, track tour guide, or something totally different. We do try plan and execute our events a little differently to give the guests something to talk about with their friends.

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