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Recruitment Services

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Through our subsidiary, Recruitment In Motorsport Ltd. (RIMS), we offer a full range of staffing and recruitment services. Our specialty is to recruit candidates with experience in motorsport. The qualities and mindset these candidates come with are coveted by many companies in sectors unrelated to motorsport. Hence, RIMS works across a number of sectors to offer staffing and recruitment services, but the natural fit is with motorsport as this is where most of our candidates build their careers.

Staffing and Recruitment Services for Motorsport Teams


RIMS has built a business model that brings efficiency and flexibility to your recruitment strategy. Below are the services we currently offer:

Candidate Services


We, of course, offer a CV database where candidates can upload their CVs for consideration for vacancies. We are also in process to develop a full range of career services to assist candidates at different stages of their career. The first step is to upload your CV and profile to us. Click the button below to start your journey.