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Development Services

We are in the sports business and finding that fine middle ground between the two is tough. One thing is for certain, one would not be possible without the other in motor racing. Our development services aim to drive revenue to our clients. They always tie in with our clients’ overall marketing, branding and business strategies, which makes it critical for the strategies to be clearly defined.

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Race Driver Sourcing

We have since 1990 worked closely with many drivers and teams to find the best matches. Our objective every time, irrespective of which side of the table we are sitting, is to ensure that the best possible deal is made for all parties. Judging from the number of returning teams and drivers, we are doing a very good job achieving that goal. Every year we make deals in to several millions, which require a lot of trust from everybody. Even if the drivers and teams don’t know each other, they know and trust us, which makes it all possible.

Sponsorship Management

Many times finding sponsorship for a team or a rights holder is part of the package. However, we help many develop proposals, executing specific elements, etc; we are able to slot in wherever you need us. We have over 30 years of experience in marketing management and our ability to deliver exceptional results are well known and documented.

Merchandising and Licensing

Far too few teams and rights holders take advantage of their developed commercial value through merchandising and licensing. Developing these areas also bring added value to your sponsors and thus make you more “attractive” to sponsor. Through our effective management and integration you stand to amplify the commercial value of your brand.

Support Services

Our range of support services is vast as we can replace the support function of any team or rights holder to manage all support functions. However, we focus on the five areas below in our standard offering of ad hoc services.

The purpose of the support function is to ensure that your constituencies’ (sponsors, guests and employees) expectations are met. You want your employees to focus on the sport side of the business, your sponsors to realise the value of their investment and your guest are well taken care of. Project 100 and our team of seasoned professionals have long experiences in delivering these services at the highest levels in the most demanding of circumstances.

Please click on the sections below to discover more about our individual service areas.

Travel and Accommodation

One of the bigger parts of our business is accommodation management. We source and manage accommodation all over the world for our clients. With some hotel chains we have such relationships that we are able to save our clients up to 60% of the cost.

Our biggest portfolio of accommodation options is by far in and around Le Mans (Le Mans Catalogue). We let around 30 – 40 properties per year for Le Mans 24 Hours and Le Mans Classic, when it is staged.

Our travel and logistics team are able to source the most appropriate means of transportation for your budget wherever you need your team or equipment to go in the world.

Hospitality Management

Hospitality goes far beyond serving food at a track, it is the full management of your employees’, your VIP’s and other guests’ comfort and entertainment at the track.

We take care of the full programme to ensure that your facilities are well and appropriately designed and styled to the smooth running of any entertainment and service for all the meals.

For teams we engage hospitality units and/or track side suites and manage the relationships to deliver service at the highest levels at every event globally.

Ground service

We have been part of countless events over the years and have fine tune processes to understand what is needed to effectively manage all aspects of an event. The minutia is mind boggling, but we will remove that distraction for you and provide you with suggestions how to solve problems that you are not aware you are going to encounter.

Staffing and Recruitment

This part of our service splits into two areas of our business; event management staff from our cadre of consultants and other staffing and recruitment, which is handled by our subsidiary, Recruitment In Motorsport (RIMS),

We have event staff of varying levels to support you at any venue. Many have received their training by us at Le Mans 24 Hours and thus will be unfazed by most challenges. They are trained to work with teams or independently to solve challenges they come up with. We can provide you with staff at short notice to make sure your event is managed to the highest standard.

For any other vacancies or staffing requirement that you may have, Recruitment In Motorsport delivers recruitment solutions for all budget levels. Please visit our separate website to discover more about our service offering:

Other Event Management

Project 100 has a reputation of delivering successful events always with an interesting angle. Whether you are putting on a sponsor appreciation track day or a full long weekend with activities in a remote location, we have the experience and expertise to make it a success. Naturally we have a preference to motorsport themed events, but are not bound nor limited by it.

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